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Library Wish List!

What do you wish for?

Students, complete this Google Form to let Mrs. Daily know what you want to see in the Eliot library.

Help fulfill our wish list!

The Eliot Library is always looking to improve the resources that it provides to students. Additionally, student requests are important to us. Many of the books listed below have been requested by Eliot students because they want to be able to check them out from the library. We have an Amazon wish list that is growing as student requests are made.

If you are interested in donating to the Eliot Library, we are looking for the following:

Complete puzzles of around 500-1000 pieces. 

Board games that can be completed within 20 minutes (Mancala, Boggle, Left, Center, Right, playing cards, Dominos).

Books about drawing like those from Christopher HartFigure it Out, Human Proportions, and Poses were specifically requested.

Guts by Raina Telegmeier

Dragonball Series

Stories for Halloween Night

Scary Stories series

Elemental Magic series 

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School series 

Naruto Book Series, Set One & Set Two

Invader Zim Series Books 1-6

Your Name Series, Books 1 & 3

Manga books

Graphic Novels

Superhero/comic books