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About Our School

About Us

Eliot Arts is an innovative magnet school. We nurture middle school students' academic achievement through music, dance, theater arts, and visual arts. We also have a conservatory after school offering over 20 arts courses taught by teaching artists. 

What makes Eliot Arts Unique?
Excellent Academics: We have a team of highly educated and experienced teachers with diverse backgrounds, and rigorous, standards-based curricula.
An Arts Focus: At Eliot Arts, students have access to various music, dance, theater arts, and visual arts programs that are taught by professional artists and musicians and that stress problem solving and creativity.
Arts Integration: Art is integrated into core academics, fostering 21st Century skills and the application of Common Core standards. We also have Aritst Seminar, which students particate in the arts the last half hour of the day that then continues in to our Conservatory after school. 
Conservatory: We offer a vartiety of arts classes after school taught by professional teaching artsists. There are classes in fine art, dance, music and theater.   
Community Arts Partners: Students collaborate with top-rated, renowned LA area arts organizations and consultants to enhance real-world application of learning.
Our partners include: A Noise Within, Art Center College of Design, the Huntington Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens, the LA Music Center, Little Kids Rock, and Lineage Dance